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Our Products

Dlance Cleaning Spray

Proven and result giving product for cleaning lens. It can be used for eyewear products, laptop and mobile screens.

  • We offer DLANCE cleaning sprays with choices for custom branding. Our cutting-edge formulas make lens cleaning quick and effective.
  • 100% unique design tailored to your company's brand. Additionally, you can distribute unlimited information via QR codes.
  • Advanced alcohol base formulae.
  • available in a wide variety of colors (blue, green, red, yellow and transparent)
  • It offers HD and clear views while fully cleaning the lens.
  • Very portable and simple to use.
  • Removes salt (sweat), oil, fingerprints, and smudges.
  • Has no effect on the unique coating of eyewear.
  • Contains a pleasant lavender smell.

Barcode Labels

Available in roll format for thermal printer and sheet format for laser printer. You can choose glossy or mat finishing.

  • Exclusively made for optical retail and jewellery business.
  • Polyester Non-tearable material (long durability guaranteed)
  • Unique gum (glue) which will not damage your product
  • Available in 95mm X 15mm mat finishing bat shape roll format to be used in thermal printers.
  • Unique heat shrink absorbent paper designed for laser printers. Available in 95mm X 13mm bat shape mat finishing.
  • Printed custom content labels are also provided with the BARCODE or QR CODE option.
  • We can also print your business logo in black color on barcode labels.